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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Fangame LJ

concept sketches: Character: Fire Nation Solder (Infantry)

The Avatar: The Last Airbender Fangame LJ

concept sketches: Character: Fire Nation Solder (Infantry)

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First off for this update, some news-- our little team has grown a bit over the weekend!  aiffe has generously offered her talents to the "ATLA Fangame" and will be helping by making frames and finalizing the look the characters!  This is a big help and (considering there's a reason I failed out of animation in college XD) will do a lot to get this game as polished and quality as we can get it!

Secondly, last time we gave you a look at the planning and design for Aang, but today we'll be looking at some basic enemies-- low-level Fire Nation soldiers! 

(rest assured, characters like Katara and Toph and Sokka et al are definitely coming-- I couldn't imagine a 'proper' "Airbender" game without them.  But for the purposes of getting the engine figured out-- and making sure the gameplay 'works' is the most important thing-- we really only need one or two player-characters and some baddies.  So there'll definitely be more on them as things get worked out!)

So the most basic enemies in the game are identified by their standard infantry armor, and are divided into a simple sub-hierarchy.  Sword/Shield users (which are slower and have shorter range but are better defended), Spear users (which have a longer range and are faster, but weaker) and the mid-range firebenders, who only have a few basic attacks (a one-two fire punch and a stronger kick) but are more dangerous when in groups. 

There will be more types as the game progresses and more varied classes -- Yu Yan archers, Elite firebenders, engineers and so on-- but even these weaker types provide some interesting gameplay challenges.

Sword/Shield-users can deflect ranged attacks, and have a close-range shield bash that can stagger player-characters and open them up for easy damage-- these guys are best dealt with by letting one person draw their attention, then having your teammate flank them from behind. 

Spear-users, on the other hand, are best taken out at range before they can close in, but don't try to get behind them-- they have a quick-reverse attack that can get people trying to flank them, though obviously a two-person team can use this to their advantage too. 

As for firebenders, the best strategy is a defensive one, dodging/blocking their attacks and then taking them out when you get an opening. 

Things get interesting when you have all these types on the field at once though, and they can take advantage of each other's strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

A shield/sword and spear user can team up, giving the shield-user a flanking defense and the spear-user a safe way to advance on players.  when teamed up with firebenders, a spear-user can charge ahead while firebenders fall back and give suppressing fire.  And firebenders teamed with shield/sword users have a strong combination of attack and defensive power. 

It's from dealing with changing tactical situations like this that forming strategies with your friends and building a versatile team can make the difference between a satisfying challenge and a game over screen, and gives the gameplay some depth as well.

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