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The Avatar: The Last Airbender Fangame LJ

The "This Exists and Really Is Happening" Post: Basic Info

The Avatar: The Last Airbender Fangame LJ

The "This Exists and Really Is Happening" Post: Basic Info

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Okay so. The “ATLA Fangame” is a very real project I am starting work on as we speak. I’m no developer but I’m learning, and I want to make a fun game that fans of all stripes can enjoy, while also making a quality game itself. They say if you want something done you have to do it yourself, and since THQ has no desire to make a quality Avatar game…

At the moment I’m busy learning how to code and trying to teach myself the basics of sprite-work and animation and such, but here’s some info to get ya edumacated.

- Being planned as a 2D freeware side-scrolling beat-em-up (think Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim The Game, Gauntlet, Final Fight and so forth) for up to 4 players

- Choose from the main set of heroes — Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph or Zuko — or unlock other favorites like Azula, Jet, Iroh or Suki

- No restrictions on character team-ups, so you and your friends can build the ultimate ATLA tag-team

- Build your character the way you want by collecting XP, or tweak them for different situations with special collectibles

-Fight through memorable Avatar locations like Ba Sing Se, the Day of Black Sun invasion and the Northern Water Tribe assault

-Screw with canon! Characters react to unusual team-ups, and certain combinations of characters can go through special alternate storylines

-Fight tons of enemies using special power-ups, calling in animals like Appa and the Shirshu to soften up the hordes, or perform special Tag-Team moves with other characters to clear the screen

-Like in the show, weather and environment effect character abilities— a Waterbender might be stronger during rainy weather at the expense of a Firebender’s attack power, or an Earthbender might have a stiffer challenge on the all-metal Boiling Rock Prison

-Tweak levels to suit your playstyle or challenge level — go for Solar Eclipse for a laughably easy win, or set it to Sozin’s Comet for a tough fight

There’ll be more info and concept arts and such as things progress, and I plan to have a demo level running within a month or two to give a more concrete example of alot of these features, so look forward to it!
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